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Tenant screening

For Best Property Mangement It is very important to match the right tenant to the right home. That person will fit the criteria we established… a good credit history, passing a criminal history inquiry, a reliable employment history with adequate income confirmed, an eviction search with the court system, and a satisfactory rental history verification. We take the time with each new prospective tenant to explain the benefits and responsibilities of leasing a home from Best Property Management to ensure your property is cared for and maintained. We also provide you with protection through the use of proper lease agreements, deposit forms, late notices, and other legal documents.

Tenant prospects may contact Best Property management  through www.Bestpropertymanagementllc.com, Craigslist, yard signs, and from numerous other sources such as  Zillow.com, Realtor.com,  and others. We are getting maximum exposure by listing your property on MLS which is available to all realtors.

All tenant prospects are pre-qualified to make sure tenant needs match the rental homes prior to showings. Our dedicated professional leasing agents schedule appointments through CSS and show houses to tenant prospects. Best Property Management uses the residential lease drafted by Texas realestate attorney to custom fit our needs and requirements. All applications must be completed in full. Best Property Management requires an application fee in certified funds in prior to processing the rental application. Best Property management performs following tenant screening process:

Rental verification - Best Property Management checks the prospective tenant's rental payment history with current and past landlords before we allow them to lease your property. 
Income verification - Best Property management verifies the current and past employment history and any other income verification, such as disability or social security income for the prospective tenant

Credit check - Best property management check credit score and credit history -  to ensure that the tenant has a good history of paying their rent regularly.
Criminal check - Best Property Management does a criminal history check to find out if there is any past criminal behavior demonstrated by the prospective tenant. 
Eviction record check - Best Property Management does an eviction record check to find out if there are any past evictions.

Upon rental application approval, the tenant prospect must sign the lease agreement prepared by Texas real estate attorney and provide security deposit in the amount of full month's rent or more as a security deposit to lease the property. Best Property management uses the Texas Association of Realtor (TAR) forms and all addenda required. Best Property management uses www.DocuSign.com or esign.com to sign documents online using electronic signatures in the order to reduce the need for paper filing.