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Best Property Management

1. Can Best Property Management save me money by managing my property?
Yes. Usually  we have found out that our fees are more than enough to offset our ability to obtain higher rents, less delinquency, and faster turnaround of vacate units.


2. If a tenant doesn't pay the rent, who goes to court?
 We take all the legal steps to enforce payment. We will attend all arbitration or court sessions on your behalf as allowed by law.

3 .Do you insure my property when you manage it?
No. You maintain your own insurance agent. We can obtain a quote for you if you'll request one .

4.Can I still use my favorite contractor of choice?
Yes. We will gladly contact the company you specify as long as they are actually licensed, insured in the business of performing the required work.

5. Are you licensed?
Yes. Best Property Management is a licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission.

6. Do you charge the tenant a security deposit?
Yes. Our policy is that the security deposit is equal to the amount  of one month’s rent or more based on our tenant screening criteria.

7. Are there administrative fees or other service charges?
No. We don't charge for copies, long distance calls, mileage and we don't mark up maintenance or repair costs.

8. Are your management fees competitive?
Yes. Our Full Service Management fees are 7% of the gross collected rent each month with a minimum of $80 per property. A leasing fee of 75% of one month’s rent allows us to offer compensation to other licensed real estate agents through MLS who will bring a qualifying tenant.

9.  When do I get my monthly statement and check? Is it as soon as the tenant pays the rent?
No. Best Property Management deposits rents on a daily basis through our automated check deposit system. Rent is disbursed to owners by the 10th of every month. Owners have two options to receive rent payments: direct deposit (ACH) to your bank account  of your choice or a paper check via mail.

10. Can you Rent only or manage property only for me?

Yes, you can choose to use our services to find a qualifying tenant only, you can find tenant yourself and have us to take care of managing throughout the duration of lease, or we can do it all for you.

11.  What happens to the tenant's security deposit? Do I keep it?
No. In compliance with Texas Law the tenant's security deposit is kept in separate an escrow account. The move-out inspection and digital pictures document the condition of your property and any damages beyond normal wear and are deducted from the security deposit along with any other money owed by the tenant. The balance is returned to the tenant within 30 days after the move out date as required by Texas Law

12. How do you advertise vacancies.
Yes. We will place a sign on the property and list the vacancy on the Sulthar Properties website at www.sultharproperties.com so prospective tenants can view and receive all the details of the property. The property listing is also available on a variety of websites including Hotpads.com & Craigslist.com. We also receive referrals from current and past tenants and from other agents with whom we network.


13. Do you manage only residential property?
No. We specialize in the management of residential properties such as condos, single family homes, townhomes, and duplexes but we manage commercial properties as well.

14. How will I know what is going on with my property?
 We will communicate with you and will inform you when a qualified tenant is found or when there's times to discuss repairs also we will notify you of the tenant's vacate request. Plus, throughout the contract, we will keep you aware of any issues that may arise.

15. Do you screen all applicants who want to rent my property?
Yes. Our application process  is designed to generate complete information from each prospective tenant. We process all applications  and verify all information on each application. In general, an applicant must have good rental history, have verifiable income of 3 times the rent rate, and have an acceptable credit history.

16. When can you start managing my property?
 We can start the process immediately. Just call us at 214-228-5553 so we can get the necessary information from you to start the process.